Collection of Greek Coins of Thrace

Spartocus  Rex Thraciae    300-275 BC
Σπάρτοκος Βασιλέας Θράκης

Archibald: contemprary of Berenike, wife of Seuthes III; Oppermann: early 3rd c.BC; Pauly: 1st q.3rd c.BC;
Peter: 1st q.3rd c.BC; Topalov (2005): ca.281-277 BC

  Spartokos was an odrysian king who reigned over the territories around present day Yambol. He resided in the city of  Cabyle (Καβύλη) and was a contemporary of the widow of Seuthes III, Berenike. He is known from his coins and from am inscription in Seuthopolis which documents a treaty between himself, Berenike and her four sons. [Peter, 1997, p.174,207]

v1327 Spartocus Rex Thraciae AE
v 1327 Peter p. 203

Janiform Head: Lion-Male Head / Artemis
AE   17-18 mm  5.16 g    Moushmov ---; Peter p.203 ;Topalov (2005) 124; Youroukova ---
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