Coin Collection of the Greek World
and the Eastern Mediterranean

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Identification of nunerical data on the coin pages 


Graecia / Ελλάς  
Magna Graecia / Μεγάλη Ελλάς  
Occidens Graecus / Ελληνική Δύση  
The East & North Africa 

Hellenistic Kingdoms / Ελληνιστική Ελλάς 
Republica Romana
Imperium Romanum   
Occidens Romanus  
Persia / Περσία  
Imperium Byzantinum / Βυζαντινή Αυτοκρατορία   

Medieval Italy & Sicily   
Crusaders and the Latin East   
Balkan Paeninsula   
Islamic Kingdoms   
Ottoman Empire   
Great Britain   
Russia / Россия   
Modern Greece / Νεώτερη Ελλάς   

Historical Medals   

Antique Weights   

Greek Monogramm Thesaurus  
Greek Monogramms Alphabetically  

Countermark Thesaurus  
Symbol Thesaurus  

Tauric Paeninsula and Kimmerian Bosporus 
History and Numismatics

AE Coins Material Composition Study
Electrical Conductivity, Density,
and X-Ray-Fluoresence (XRF)-Analysis  

Historical & Numismatic References  

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Pondera Ancient Weight Database

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