AE Coins Material Composition Study
Electrical Conductivity, Density,
and X-Ray-Fluoresence (XRF)-Analysis

The experiments were performed in an effort to collect data for the assessment of core material composition of antique bronze coins from the nondestructive surface (patina) XFR-Analysis. To this purpose measurements were carried out both before and after removal of the patina.

Density ρ [g(/cm^3] was measured after Archimedes in water. Scales accuracy was 0.01 g.

Electrical conductivity σ [MS/m] was measured with a Forester SIGMATEST instrument, with an 8 mm probe, and selectable frequencies of 60, 120, 240, 480, and 960 Hz.
Electrical conductivity was measured
on both sides of the coin in 4 to 10 positions (depending on the size) and minimum and maximum values were recorded.

XRF-Analysis was done in an OXFORD ED 2000 facility with a Ag X-ray tube. K-lines were used for Ag, Cu, Sn, Zn, As, S, Cl, P, Na, Ca, Fe, and Sb; Kα for Si; L-lines for Au, and Pb.

Evaluation of Experimental Data

Coin Data