Collection of Greek Coins of Thrace

Teres I  Rex Thraciae
Τήρης Α' Βασιλέας Θράκης
   490-450 BC

Babelon ca. 450 BC; Κουρτίδης: --- BC; Peter: mid 5th century BC;
Topalov: 490-464 BC; Χριστόπουλος mid 5th century BC

   Teres I was the founder of the kingdom of the Odrysae after the withdrawal of the Persians in the fist half  of the 5th c. BC. Initially his territory ranged from the city of Kypsela on the river Hebros to the city of Odessos on the Black Sea coast. Teres extended his rule to the river Strymon in the west and to the city of Byzantion in the east. His daughter was married to the scythian king Ariapeithes. He died at the age of 92 and left his kingdom to his son Sitalkes.

   No coins were minted in the name of Teres I.

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