Collection of Greek Coins of Thrace

Sadalas I Rex Thraciae    87-79 BC
Σάδαλος A' Βασιλέας Θράκης

Mladjov: 87-79 BC; Pauly: 87-80 BC

   Sadalas I was an Astaean or Odrysian king who reigned over the Greek cities on the east coast to the north and south of the Balkan chain, Istros, Tomi, Callatis, Odessus (near Varna), Mesembria, and others. He supported Cornelius Sulla against Mithradates VI. After the victory of Marcus Lucullus over Mithradates, Thrace became a portion of the province of Macedonia. Sadalas had to accept the suzerainty of Rome.

No coins were issued in the name of Sadalas I.

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