Collection of Greek Coins of Thrace

Rhescuporis I (III)  Rex Thraciae    48-42 BC
Ραισκούπορις A' (Γ') Βασιλέας Θράκης

Mladjov: 48-42 BC; Pauly: 48-42 BC; RPC I: ca. 48-42 BC; Youroukova ca. 48-42 BC

   The sapaean king Rhescuporis I (III) was son of Cotys I (IX). He was an ally of Brutus and supported him in the war against the Bessi.

   The coins with the names of
ΚΟΤΥΣ and ΡΑΙΣΚΟΥΠΟΡIΣ are usually attributed to Cotys III (XI) & Rhaeskuporis II (IV), 12-19 AD . Lately it is suggested to allocate them to Rhaeskuporis I (III) and his father Cotys I (IX). [Youroukova, 1976; RPC I, 2006, p. 312-313] The reverse of these coins is believed to be derived from the issues of Brutus struck 43/42 BC.

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