Collection of Greek Coins of Thrace

Cotys III (VII)  Rex Thraciae    31-18 BC
Κότυς Γ' (Z') Βασιλέας Θράκης

Head: -16 BC; Mladjov: ca. 31-18 BC

   Cotys III (VII) was the son of Sadalas II and Polemokrateia. After the murder of his father his mother surrendered the family treasure to M. Iunius Brutus to save him. Cotys was raised in Cyzicus and was installed as an astaean-odrysian king about 28 BC. The sapaean Rhoemetalces I was his brother-in-law and was later appointed guardian of Cotys's son Rhaescuporis II. Cotys III (VII) was probably killed during the war activities of the roman governor of Macedonia M. Primus in Thrace about 22 BC [Pauly].

No coins were issued in the name of Cotys III (VII)

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