Collection of Greek Coins of Thrace

Cotys II (VI)  Rex Thraciae    57-48 BC
Κότυς Β' (ΣΤ') Βασιλέας Θράκης

Head: 57-48 BC; Mladjov: ca. 57-48 BC; Moushmov: 57-48 BC; Pauly: 58-44 BC; Sear: 57-48 BC;
Stancomb: ca. 57-48 BC; Youroukova; ca. 57-48 BC

   Youroukova (1976) believes that the tetradrachm issues belong to Cotys II(VI) of the Astaei because he had ample availability of silver. The mint of these coins is not very clear. Based on the finds and the "barbarised" style, Youroukova localises the mint for the coins with the inscription ΚΟTΥOΣ / XAPAKΤΗΡ in the Odessos region. Stylistic characteristics of some coins with the inscription ΗΡΑΚΛΕΟΥΣ / ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ / ΘΡΑΚΩΝ indicate greek origin (SHH 113) and could have been struck in Thasos. Others show clear celtic style engravings where dots have been used for image details (SHH 1392) indicating a mint in the north-eastern regions of Thrace.

6825 Cotys II(VI) Rex Thraciae Tetradrachm AR
SHH 6825
Dionysos / Herakles; ΚΟTΥOΣ / XAPAKΤΗΡ
Tetradrachm AR   26-29 mm  15.75-16.48 g
Moushmov 5778; Youroukova (1976) 145;
Youroukova (1992) 140/141
Statistics 1/1   Images 1/1

113 Cotys II(VI) Rex Thraciae Tetradrachm AR
SHH 113
1392 Cotys II(VI) Rex Thraciae Tetradrachm AR
SHH 1392
Dionysos / Herakles; ΗΡΑΚΛΕΟΥΣ / ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ / ΘΡΑΚΩΝ
Tetradrachm AR   29-36 mm  15.69-16.57 g   Moushmov 5777; Youroukova 146/147
Statistics 6/1   Images 6/1

4698 Cotys II (VI) Rex Thraciae AE 5288 Cotys II (VI) Rex Thraciae AE 6305 Cotys II (VI) Rex Thraciae AE 6678 Cotys II (VI) Rex Thraciae AE
SHH 4698
SHH 5288 SHH 6305
SHH 6678
Male Head / Eagle; Thunderbolt
AE   10-14 mm  1.01-2.01 g   HGC III/2 1737; Moushmov 5773; Пейков C6200; Youroukova (1976) 148
Statistics 11/1   Images 11/1

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