Collection of Greek Coins of Thrace

Eminacus   Rex Thraciae
Εμινάκος   Βασιλέας Θράκης   450-400 BC

Anochin (1989) 440-438 BC; Babelon 5th c. BC; BM 1 Black Sea: 450-425 BC;
Фролова, Абрамзон: end 5th c. BC;
Head: 5th c. BC; Нечитаило: 440-430 BC; Stancomb: 450-425 BC

   Eminacus was a thracian or scythian ruler known only from his coins. Because of their iconographic resemblance to those of Olbia it is assumed that he resided there. His coins in the literature are listed under Olbia.

v292 Eminacus Rex Thraciae AR
v292 BM 1 BS 358
AR  19-25 mm   7.85-11.9 g   Moushmov ---; Peter ---; Youroukova ---
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