Collection of Greek Coins of Thrace

Diegylis  Rex Thraciae    150-141 BC
Διήγυλις Βασιλέας Θράκης

Pauly: 150-141 BC

   Diegylis was king of the tribe of the Caeni who dwelled on the coast of the Propontis near the city of Cypsela. He was infamous for his cruelty and ruthlessness. During the conflict between his son-in-law Prussias of Bythinia and Attalos of Pergamene, brother of Eumenes II, he seized and destroyed the city of Lysimacheia 144 BC. Attalos sent an army under the thracian Straton who defeated Diegylis 145 BC. When Prussias lost control over his kingdom he asked Diegylis for help. His father-in-law provided a body guard of 500 men.
   Contrary to Diegylis, Attalos treated his captives with humanity and mildness. This caused the Caeni to revolt and murder their ruler.

    No coins were struck in the name of Diegylis.

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