Tribes, Dynasts and Kingdoms of Northern Greece
History and Numismatics

   Rex Thraciae
AΔ   Βασιλέας Θράκης   405-340 (?) BC

Topalov (2000) p. 51; Topalov (2005) p. 10/13; Topalov (2006) p. 71/76

The coins with the cotyle (κοτύλη, double-handled vessel) on the reverse belong to the period of the Odrysian kings and rulers in Thrace. The mint or ruler associated with the abbreviated inscription ΑΔ has not been identified yet. The following attributions have been proposed:

- Unknown Thracian ruler (common).
- Ruler Aderast (Αδεράστης, Αδέραστος ?) [Koychev & Moutafov, 2000].
- Mint of a settlement at the mouth of the river Adiras on the Propontis (Sea of Marmara) between the poleis
  Selymbria and Byzantion [Topalov, 2005].
  An ancient settlement is known in this region by the name of Άθηρα on the river Αθήρας, hoewever, the
  Greek name of the settlement does not contain the letter Δ !

6498 ΑΔ Rex Thraciae AE
SHH 6747
Hermes / Cotyle, ΑΔ
AE   9-11 mm   1.26 g   Topalov (2000) p.49/51 No.5
Statistics 1/1   Images 1/1

6749 ΑΔ Rex Thraciae AE
SHH 6749
Hermes / Cotyle, ΑΔ
AE   10-12 mm   1.00-1.05 g   Topalov (2000) p.49/51 No.6
Statistics 2/1   Images 2/1

6609 ΑΔ Rex Thraciae AE 6808 ΑΔ Rex Thraciae AE 6813 ΑΔ Rex Thraciae AE
SHH 6609 SHH 6808 SHH 6813
Female Head Left / Cotyle, ΑΔ
AE   10-15 mm   1.32-1.65 g   Topalov (2005) p.12/13 No.9
Statistics 3/1   Images 3/1

6858 ΑΔ Rex Thraciae AE
SHH 6858
Female Head right / Cotyle, ΑΔ
AE   10 mm   0.92 g   Topalov (2006) p.275 No.10
Statistics 4/1   Images 4/1

v4944 ΑΔ Rex Thraciae AE
SHH v4944
Female Head Left / Cotyle, Grain, ΑΔ
AE   11 mm   0.97 g   Topalov (2005) p.12 No.8
Statistics 5/1   Images 5/1

v4869 ΑΔ Rex Thraciae AE
SHH v4869
Female Head Right / Cotyle, ΑΔ
AE   11 mm   1.34 g   Musée Archeologique de Tekirdaǧ, Inv. 4128
Oya Yaǧiz, Les monnaies d'Heraion Teichos avec l'inscrption HPAI
11th International Congress of Thracology, Istanbul, 8.-12.11.2010, (attributed to Adhyras)

   Reges Thraciae