Collection of Greek Coins of Thrace
Aprus / Απρος

   The city of Apros is known from antique sources and inscriptions. Its name is spelled in various ways: ΑΠΡΟ (on two vessels in the Rogozen treasure), ΑΠΡΟC (Theopombus / Stephanus of Byzantium), ΑΠΡΩC (Constantine Porphyrogenitus), ΑΠΡΟΙ (Cl. Ptolemy), ΑΠΡΩΝ (Procopius), APROS (Pliny the Elder), APRI (inscription from Rome), Colonia Claudia Aprensis (inscription from Troas).
   The site is located in south-eastern Thrace, either at present-day Kestridge or further west, near present-day Kermian, both in European Turkey, above the Thracian Chersonese, and on the route of the later Via Egnatia. Apros was also linked with Thracian Chersonese and Ainus by two other important roads.
[Dimitar Draganov 2003] 

5863 Apros Thracia AE 6247 Apros Thracia AE 6811 Apros Thracia AE
SHH 5863
SHH 6247
SHH 6811
7025 Apros Thracia AE
SHH 7025
Apollo / Celtic Shield
AE   300-200 BC  
HGC III 1352