1825 AD

Admiral Miaoulis
Distruction of the Egyptian Fleet in Methony May 1st 1825

Medal Bronze 45
SHH 5649

4649 Hellas 1825 Distraction of Egyptina Fleet in Methony




52.08 g   44.4-44.6 mm   12:00 o'clock   EF  
Head of admiral Miaoulis (ναύαρχο
ς Μιαούλης) right;
ΑΝΔΡΕΑΣ ΜΙΑΟΥΛΗΣ / ΝΑΥΑΡΧΟΣ clockwise around; Κ. ΛΑΓΓΕ in exergue;
raised border.
Greek warrior holding torch and dagger disembarging from boat;
in the background, burning ships to left, fleeing sailing ship to right;
ΙΔΟΥ ΕΓΩ ΕΠΙ ΣΕ ΦΑΡΑΩ clockwise around; ΜΟΘΩΝΗ 1. ΜΑΙ. // 1825 in exergue;
raised border.
Bronze medal of Konrad Lange, 1925
Distraction of the Egyptian fleet of Ibrahim Pasha on May 1st 1825 in the harbor of
Methoni (Μεθώνη), set on fire with fire-boats by the Greeks under then leadership of
Andreas Miaoulis (Ανδρέας Μιαούλης)

Würzbach-Tannenberg 6277
Ex Hirsch 304/4357, 26.9.2014