1774 AD

Россия / Ottoman Empire
Екатерина II / Abd el-Hamîd I
Treaty of Malka-Kaynardzha / Küçük Kaynarca

Medal Tin 44
SHH 4587

4587 Catherine II / Abd el Hamid I 1774 Treaty of Malka-Kaynardzha / Küçük Kaynarca Medal Tinn





16.72 g   43.5-43.9 mm   12:00 o'clock   VF
Ekaterina and Abd el-Hamîd on horseback trotting toward one another, clasping hands;
above, crowned imperial double eagle and star-in-crescent, respectively;
in three lines in exergue, zwey • haende • bringen • de / ftreitt • zu • ende < / > 1774 <;
border of dots.
In nine lines, O freude / wenn der • Heldenn / Krafft so vieler länder / Wohlfart schafft Ihr / Güft ũ=Himelscher < / Verftand ist • von / Der • gantzen welt / > erkand < / >1774 <;
border of dots.
The Russo-Turkish War of 1768-1774 grew out of the internal strife in Poland, during which Russia was a supporter of King Stanislaus Augustus. During a pursuit of a Polish Bar Confederation (force of nobility) into Ottoman territory, a group of Cossacks in Russian service allegedly involved some subjects of the town in their rampage, inciting the Ottoman Empire into action against Russia. Ultimately, however, the latter’s dominance of the seas provided her numerous victories in the conflict. With the Treaty of Malka-Kaynardzha (Küçük Kaynarca), Russia received the unofficial governance of the Crimean Khanate, a large sum of war reparations, and two important seaports allowing direct access to the Black Sea.
Schulman (1913) 618