1684 AD - 1691 AD

Selim Giray I bin Behadir Giray, 2nd Khanate
Baghcha Saray   Giray Khanate   1095-1103 AH

Para AR 16
SHH 4089

4089 Selim I Giray 2nd Reign Giray Khanate Para AR


1.22 g   15.3-16.5 mm   7:00 o'clock   VF
Arabic inscription with separating line..

Giray Thamga with Arabic inscription; year AH 1095 (1684 AD) beneath separating line.
"This coin is a silver Para, from the second reign of Selim Giray I b. Bahadur Giray (AH 1095-1103/ 1684-1691 AD). It is from the Baghcha Saray mint (the only mint of the later Giray Khans) and has a mostly visible date of 109x, most likely 1095, Selim's accession year for his second reign. Selim’s name is clear, while most of Bahadur’s name is not struck up. The mint and date are quite clear." [seller]
Album 2087 (Para); Retowski 2