1359 AD - 1360 AD

Quina (Qulpa) Khan    Azaq   Golden Horde   AH 760-761

Dirham AR 13
SHH 4093

4093 Qulna (Qulpa) Khan Azaq Golden Horde Dirham AR

1.44 g   12.7-13.6 mm   12:00 o'clock  VF
Inscription; linear border.
Inscription; linear border.
"This is a silver Dirham, 14 mm in size, struck at the the time of the rival khans during the reign of Qulna Khan (AH 760-761/ 1359-1360 AD). It was struck at the Azaq mint in southern Russia and is dated AH 760. The obverse is clear with most of Qulna’s name visible. The reverse is crude, with the mint fully visibly and the date difficult to read. The 7 and 6 are the most clear." [seller]
Album 2032; ZENO 23941 (this coin)