198 AD - 217 AD

Odessus   Moesia Inferior   Carcalla
Οδησσός   Κάτω Μοισία   Καρακάλλας

 AE 26
SHH 1991

1991 Thracia Odessus Caracalla AE



10.27 g   24.6-27.2 mm;  7:00 o'clock   F
Draped and cuirassed bust of laureate Caracalla right;
AVT K M AVP C[EVHPOC ANTΩNEINOC] clockwise around; border of dots.

Serapis, wearing modius, standing facing, head turned left;
holds pataera in right hand over lighted altar; cornucopia in left hand;
ΟΔΗ / CCΕ / ΙΤΩΝ clockwise around; boorder of dots.

AMNG I/2 2283/2284; BMC Thrace p.138 13/14; Budapest III 515;
Greece III Christomanos ---; Copenhagen II 674; Evelpidis I 983; Lindgren I & III ---;
Milano VI/3 464/469; Moushmov 1610; Sear Greek Imperial 2485; Stancomb 849/850