238 AD - 244 AD

Hadrianopolis   Thracia   Gordianus III
Αδριανούπολις   Θράκη   Γορδιάνος Γ'

AE 28
SHH 1840

1840 Hadrianopolis Thracia Gordianus III AE



10.39 g   26.2-29.6 mm   12:00 o'clock   VF
Draped and cuirassed bust of laureate Gordian right;
AVT K M ANTΩ / ΓOΡΔIANΟC Α clockwise around;
border of dots.
River God reclining; holds reed in right hand;
left arm rests on inverted vessel from which water flows;
AΔΡΙΑΝΟ / ΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ in exergue; border of dots.
The reverse inscription in exergue is exceptional, usually it is clockwise around the image.
BMC Thrace ---;  Copenhagen II ---; Evelpidis I ---; Lindgren I & III ---;
Milano VI/3 ---; Moushmov ---; Sear Greek Imperial ---; Tübingen II ---; Varbanov ---