222 AD - 235 AD

  Deultum   Thracia  Iulia Mamaea
Δεούελτος   Θράκη   Ιουλία Μαμαία

 AE 24
SHH 3797

3797 Deultum Thracia Iulia Mamaea AE



6.54 g   22.9-24.0 mm   7:00 o'clock   VF
Draped and diademed bust of Julia Mamaea right;
IVLIA MA / MAEA AVG clockwise around; border of dots.

The Three Graces, arm in armL; the first with head left, holding apple;
the second with head right, and the third with head right, holding apple;

[COL] FL /  P / A / C / DEVLT clockwise around; border of dots.
Ex Mark Staal Collection of the Three Graces; ex Ancient Coin Art, 5.2002.

BMC Thrace ---; Bobokov 614/615; Copenhagen II ---; Evelpidis I ---; Lindgren I & III ---; Milano VI/3 ---; Moushmov ---; Sear Greek Imperial ---; Staal 33.1 (this coin); Varbanov 2335; Youroukova 158