238 AD - 244 AD

Deultum   Thracia   Gordianus III
Δεούελτος   Θράκη  
Γορδιάνος Γ'

 AE 24
SHH 1744

1744 Deultum Thracia Gordianus III AE



8.46 g   23.1-24.1 mm   1:00 o'clock   F
Draped and cuirassed bust of laureate Gordian right;
IMP GORDIANVS PIVS AVG clockwise around; border of dots.

CO[L FL P]A / C DEVLT clockwise around Nemesis standing left,
right arm raised, holding staff in left hand, wheel at her feet; border of dots.
Reverse inscription is short for Colonia Flavia Pacensis Deultum.

BMC Thrace ---; Copenhagen II ---; Evelpidis I ---; Lindgren I & III ---;
Milano VI/3 ---; Moushmov ---; Sear Greek Imperial ---; Youroukova 285