1222 AD - 1235 AD

Andronicus I Gidon   Imperium Trapezuntum
Ανδρόνικος A' Γίδος   Αυτοκρατορία Τραπεζούντος

Asper EL 25
SHH Hourmo   3897

3897 Andronicus I Imperium Trapezuntum Asper EL



1.91 g   23.9-25.3 mm   6:00 o'clock   VF
Chist, nimbate, seated facing on throne without back, holding Gospels,
right hand rised in benedition; [IC] / XC (with overbars) either side of Nimbus;
double border of dots.
Full length figure of Andronicus on left, and St George, on right, both facing,
holding between them long patriarchal cross potent on two steps;
the emperor wears stemma, divitision and chlamys and holds akakia kin right hand;
St. George wears short miltary tunic, breast plate and sagion and holds sword in leftg hand;
double border of dots.
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Sear Byzantine