829 AD - 842 AD

Theophilus   Constantinopolis   Imperium Byzantinum
Θεόφιλος   Κωνσταντινούπολις   Βυζαντινή Αυτοκρατορία

Soldus / Σόλιδος AV 20
SHH 3692

3692 Theophilus Constantinopolis Imperium Byzantinum Solidus AV



4.36 g   19.9/20.9 mm   6:00 o'clock   ΕF
Bust of Theophilus facing with short beard, wearing crown and chlamys,
and holding patriarchal cross and akakia; * Θ / EOFI / LOS bASILE
clockwise around;
border of dots.
Facing busts of Michael II, on left, and Constantinus, on right,
both wearing crown and chlamys; cross between their heads;
+ MIXAHL /  S CONSTAhTIh' clockwise around, border of dots.
Mint of Constantinopolis.
BMC 4/10; Dumbarton Oaks III/1 3; Ratto 1831/1832; Sear Byzantine 1653