1078 AD - 1081 AD

Nicephorus III Botaniates   Constantinopolis
Imperium Byzantinum
Νικηφόρος Γ' Βοτανειάτης   Κωνσταντινούπολις
Βυζαντινή Αυτοκρατορία

Histamenon Nomisma / Ιστάμενον Νόμισμα EL 29
SHH 1264

1264 Nicephorus III Constantinopolis Histamenon Nomisma EL



4.41 g   27.5-30.7 mm   6:00 o'clock   VF
Christ seated on throne without back; wears nimbus cruciger with pellets in arms,
pallium and colobium, raises right hand in benediction and
holds book of Gospels in left; IC / XC with overbars either side of Nimbus; double boarder.
Nicephorus standing facing on footstool, bearded wearing crown loros,
and holding labarum with x on shaft in right hand and globus cruciger in left;
+NIKΗ[ΦΔΕΧ] / ΤΩ BOTANIA / TC; double boarder.
Mint of Constantinople. Cracked.
BMC 7/11; Dumbarton Oaks III.2 3a; Sear Byzantine 1881