705 AD - 711 AD

Justinianus II   2nd Reign   Constantinopolis
Imperium Byzantinum
Ιουστινιανός Β'   Κωνσταντινούπολις
Βυζαντινή Αυτοκρατορία

Tremissis AV 16
SHH 1341

1341 Justinianus II 2nd Reign Constantinopolis Imperium Byzantinum Tremissis AV



1.48 g   14.4-17.3 mm   6:00 o'clock   VF
Blundered inscription around bust of Christ facing, with cross behind head;
He has curly hair and a short beard, holds book of Gospels in left hand
and raises right hand in benediction.
Blundered legend around half-length figures of Justinianus, left, and Tiberius, right,
both figures of the same size, facing each wearing crown with cross;
they hold between them cross potent; border line.
Mint of Constantinopolis
BMC 4/6; Dumbarton Oaks II/2 6b; Ratto 1708; Sear Byzantine 1421