1118 AD - 1143 AD

Ioannes II Comnenus   Constantinopolis
Imperium Byzantinum
Ιωάννης ΙΙ Κομνηνός  Κωνσταντινούπολις
Βυζαντινή Αυτοκρατορία

Hyperpyron / Υπέρπυρον AV 30
SHH 1561

1561 Ioannes II Constantinopolis Hyperpyron AV



4.29 g   29.1-30.9 mm   6:00 o'clock   VF
Christ seated facing on throne without back, wearing nimbus cruciger,
pallium and colobium; right hand raised in benediction; book of gospels in left hand;
on either side of nimbus, IC/XC with overbars; double border of dots.
The Virgin nimbate on right and Ioannes on left, both standing facing;
the Virgin wears pallium and maphorium, and with Her right hand crowns the emperor,
who wears divitision and loros, and holds labarum and akakia;
M Θ with overbars between their heads; Ιω (with overbar) // ΔCC // ΠΟΤ // Τω // Π to left;
ΦV // ΡΟ // ΓC // ΝΗ // Τ to right; double border of dots.
Mint of Constantinopolis (or Thessalonica ?).
BMC 41; DO IV/1 2; Sear Byzantine 1939
Ex Harlan J. Berk 127/???, 25.6.2002