610 AD - 641 AD

Heraclius   Seleucia Isauriae   Imperium Byzantinum
Ηράκλειος   Σελεύκια Ισαυρίας   Βυζαντινή Αυτοκρατορία

Follis / Φολλις AE 29 SHH 3789

3789 Heraclius Seleucia Isauriae Follis AE




9.83 g   27.1-30.1 mm   12:00 o'clock   VF
Crowned half figures of Heraclius on left and Heraclius Constantine on right,
each wearing chlamys; cross between their heads; blundered inscription.
Large M, Christogramm XP above, no officina letter below; A // N // N // O to left;
regnal year ςI to right; [SE]
ЧSЧ in exergue; border of dots.
Mint of Seleucia Isauriae.
Ex Aufhäuser 13
/692 1997
Overstrike on earlier coin (probably Mauricius Tiberius, Theoupolis, SB 533).
BMC 274a,275 (Antiochia) variant (officina); Dumbarton Oaks II/1 180 variant (officina);
Κάντας ΝΜΑ ---; Ratto 1440 variant
variant (officina); Sear Byzantine 844